Wk. 15: Classmate Conversation- Nathan Moreno

This is the last Classmate Conversation of the semester and I got to meet Nathan Moreno. Nathan is a 3rd year student at CSULB and is perusing his BFA in Dance. Orignally Nathan is from the Santa Barbra area but now lives in Lakewood, CA. Nathan first began dancing around the age of 14 during his freshman year of highschool, so around 8 years of dancing. The reason why Nathan chose dance as his major was because he said that at the time it was all he knew.  As we continued to talk he explained that the classes for this major are relatively small and that the major itself is a different form of art in the College of Arts Departement. During the semester he worked in the dance department as a building monitor but over the summer he’s actually going to be working at Disneyland 🐭🏰, how cool! Nathan explained to me that he loves being a home body watching movies, listening to show tunes music, EDM, and go out and see musicals. Thus, it was really nice meeting Nathan I wish him the best in his dance career and at his new job at Disney. 


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