Wk. 14: Japanese Garden Sketching 

For week 14 in Art 110 we went to the CSULB Japanese Garden to sketch. This art activity was really fun especially because of how calming the garden is. In total we had to do 7 different sketches all which required us to time ourselves and no erasing. At first I thought this activity was going to be very easy but as I began to sketch I found myself wanting to fix the small mistakes that I was doing. However, I got the hang of the process and lose drawing. My favorite sketches were the 10 30 second sketches. I enjoyed these because I was able to find the perfect seating area and find small objects to draw. While I was here I also found myself moving to different areas to find small hidden gems to sketch. Also it was so peaceful being at the gardens especially since finals are coming up it was nice to distress and distract my mind from all of the up coming assignments. Overall, I had a great time sketching at the Japanese Graden that the time went by super fast and I didn’t finish sketching until 2:30. I wish that we could’ve came more often to sketch with the class but in all i had a great time doing this activity.


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