Wk. 13: Artist Conversation- Laura López

Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvática

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery, CSULB

Media: oil, canvas

Website: n/a

Instagram: n/a

About the Artist:

Artist Laura López is a graduate student at California State University of Long Beach and is pursuing a MFA in Drawing and Painting. Originally López is from Columbia and transferred to CSULB after she completed her undergraduate bachelors degree in architecture. She decided to pursue art because it gave her more freedom to explore different ideas. Also she expressed that she was afraid of the idea of being in an office space because she felt that she would not be able to explore different options that she’d like to. Something that she explained about her work was that, she doesn’t care for how long it’ll take her to finish a project because she enjoys the process. When López isn’t painting she enjoys singing, dancing, and designing landscapes. Her inspiration comes from her experiences that she forms everyday.

Formal analysis: 

For the exhibition, Selvatíca (wild) created by López she illustrated the wilderness of a jungle. The artist used oil and canvas to create these pieces. Before the artist was using acrylic but she wanted to challenge herself and explore a different technique by using oil. The colors that the artist used were bright and bold. This helped the audience gravitate towards the paintings and form a connection. The artist explained that she wanted the audience to form their own message from these paintings. Some of the techniques that were used were layering of colors, dotting, and flowing lines. The layering of the colors created dimension. Also the scale of these paintings were very large but were covered well with the different shades of bright toned colors. It was almost as if the paintings were coming off of the canvasses due to the intensity of the colors.

Content analysis:

Selvática to López defines a home. She explained in her statement that the jungle is her true home and roots. This exhibition she hoped to explore new techniques with the use of oil. Also she wanted to explore how color and pattern function with one another to build imagery. From the conversation I had with the artist she explained that the idea of the jungle came to her due to her early 20’s exploration in the jungle. Also she wants her audience to interpret each piece as they visually see it. Lastly, only one of her paintings had an animal which signified strength in a jungle.

Synthesis/ My experience:

Overall, Selvática was a great exhibition that showed different aspects of the wild. I really enjoyed the vibrant bold colors that each canvas had and the joy that each canvas brought to me because of the color choice. However, when speaking to the artist it was difficult to gather information. López  was very soft spoken and did not want share much about herself. In all, I enjoyed the exhibition and the message that I interpreted because it reminded me of the many family trips I took with my family.


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