Artist Conversation

Wk. 12: Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini 

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East 

 Media: oil, canvas, cold wax, impasto gel 


Instagram: —-

About the Artist: 

Artist Alice Andreini is a graduate student at California State University of Long Beach who will be graduating this Spring 2017 with her MFA in Drawing and Painting. Before having decided to become an artist Andreini was studying medicine and later was working in Theater as a set designer. Andreini alway had the desire in becoming a painter but never pursued it until she started teaching perspective drawing and painting. As Andreini began to teach she realized that she wanted to earn her degree in order to feel like she fully teaching the subject to the best of her ability. After she graduates she plans to continue teaching and continue painting. Andreini actually teaches Color Theory at CSULB during the fall semester. On her free time she enjoys reading philosophies and painting. 

Formal Analysis

Andreini’s exhibition, “No-Mans Land” included large canvases that were painted with oil paints, impasto gel, and cold wax. The artist used these forms of media to help the paintings look fresh and wet. The landscapes that artist painted all have a grid effect and many dimensional colors. The colors ranged from cool toned to vibrant warm tones.  The colors are also layered to help create depth and contrast among the lighter shades. The medias also helped to give the paintings a lot of texture. The texture does not have a particular direction but it does make the paintings stand out. All of the canvases are meant to encompass a theatrical and romantic scenery.

Content Analysis

 This exhibition is about a romantic and theatrical setting, that the artist captured from a golf course that is highly prestigious among politics as of today. The golf course is Donald Trump’s National Golf Course, which Andreini wanted to explore and focus on the privileges of this course. The artists used a collage structure that took her about two weeks to complete each painting, but other paintings have taken her much longer to complete since she’s been working on and off again with them. The artist also wanted to break from the representational mode of painting and became inspired to change her technique based off some smaller paintings that she had created before. Which allowed her to create the grid and abstract structure for this gallery. 

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, my experience in Andreini’s gallery was very eye opening to the concerns she has about Capitalism and Industrialism. Especially today with all of the political issues occurring in the United States. The artists work was very different and bold. I enjoyed seeing these large murals that express such a powerful message. The artist was very detailed and inviting. I really liked this exhibition the canvases were very creative, interesting, and intricate. 

Check out the artist, Alice Andreini’s website:



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