Wk. 11: Classmate Conversation- Sarah Obregon

For this weeks Classmate Conversation Professor Glenn instructed that we get into groups of 3 and start a conversation. Unfortunately majority of the class was already formed in their groups so I only got to meet 1 new classmate.  Today I met Sarah Obregon who is from Pamona and a 3rd year student at Cal State Long Beach. Sarah is a math major who’s specifing her area in Statistics, which took me by surprise. She is also in a Sorority and works two jobs! (You go girl!). A couple of things that we have in common is our love for tacos and the beach. She recommended a taco place on Anaheim and Walnut in Long Beach named “El Sauz” which she claims has the best tacos. I’m all about tacos so I’m definitely going to try out this place. Sarah also loves Costco pizza and over the summer break plans to go on a cruise trip. It was very nice meeting Sarah she was very kind and easy going.


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