Wk. 10: Redesigning the Wedge-Art Activity 

For this art activity I decided to redesign the wedge at the University Student Union. As I was observing how students used the wedge I realized that not many people would go around it to get to Brotman Hall or to Lower campus. An issue that I saw right away was the effect that the benches have, it intervenes with the flow of the students pace and it blocks the wedge. Also there were a couple of students who sat on the opening in between of the wedge which I believe holds emotional value to the way the students commute and rest through this area. 

For my redesign I decided that I would remove both of the benches and the supporting wood next to the wedge. This would instantly allow for easier flow and would impede the constant stops that the students take because of the small space. Not only would removing these objects help with the flow but it would allow those with larger objects like rolling bins or art projects to easily access this area. Another thing that I considered was the emotional attachment to the wedge which is why I decided to not fully remove it. I would only remove 3/4 of the wedge leaving a part of it left in the Student Union area. Opening up the wall will give the students more space allowing larger crowds to all pass at once. Also keeping a small portion of the wedge will still allow students to sit on it and hold onto the value that it held through their journey at CSULB. 


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