Wk. 10: Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters 

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: clay, sand, projector, images

Gallery: CSULB, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: —

Instagram: @artbywaters

About the artist:

Brittney Waters is an Undergraduate Senior student at Cal State Long Beach who will be graduating in the Spring of 2017 with her Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Ceramic Art. Waters is originally from Citrus Heights, California which is near Sacramento. Before Waters came to LBSU she attended Seirra Community College and received her AA degree in Studio Art. Once she graduated from community college she decided to transfer to Long Beach State in 2014. She became interested in art because since middle school she always took an art class that involved ceramics. As she developed her skills in ceramics she enjoyed how she was able to be in control with the clay. Some of her interests are being outside in nature, scuba diving, and playing video games specificaly Pokémon. When she graduates she plans to stay in Long Beach over the Summer to continue to work in her studio with clay.

Formal Analysis:
Waters’ #MoreThanASandbox gallery was very beautiful and realistic. Waters created 118 turtles but her initial goal was to make 150. Each turtle took approximately 2-3 hours to paint which is not including the molding of the turtles. When I first saw the photographs I thought that the Sea Turtles were real. They each were carefully painted and carved to have realistic features which captured every detail of a Sea Turtle. The environment of the gallery was very fitting for the gallery because it displayed the Sandbox of the beach and with the projected Ocean waves on the wall it displayed every bit of awareness that Waters was spreading about the Sea Turtles. 

Content Analysis: 

 After having a group discussion with Waters and reading her artist statement I understood why she wants to spread awareness about the Green Sea Turtles. These species are endangered and need to be left alone therefore people she be much more cautious of the way the environment is cared for. #MoreThanASandbox is a tag that Waters created that signifies how the beach is the home of these creatures and people should be more aware of the way our Beaches are treated. That includes the amount of littering that is done at beaches. This gallery signifies the amount of damage that humankind can have on other species which is why Waters wants to spread awareness on the issue and help change the environment for these creatures. 

Synthesis / My Experience:

Overall, I really enjoyed the way Waters’ gallery was set up and presented. The artist made every aspect of the gallery very inviting. Her energy and excitement for this gallery was definitely shown by the way she gladly spoke to others and how proud she was about her work. I really liked how calming the sounds of the waves flowed throughout the room and how she designed the layout of the gallery. The projection of the waves made the room feel very tropical and filled the gallery with the beach scenery. The turtles really amazed me because they looked so real! I had lots of fun in Waters’ gallery because she spread awareness about Sea Turtles while still making the gallery very exciting.


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