Wk. 9: Graffiti Writing  

First off, looking for a box was more difficult than what I thought it’d be. At the beginning of the semester my friend, Ana had handed me down her spray paints from last fall when she took art 110, which was so kind of her. Before I began to spray down my name I practiced on a sperate piece of cardboard to get the hang of the spray. I freehanded out my name about 4 times before I actually found my rhythm. Once I did I chose the red as my background to make the black letters of my name stand out.  I went with only Jenni and not Jennifer just because it’s shorter and was all that would fit on the board. Once the paint settled and dried down a bit I looked over my name and decided that I wanted to add the green along side the black. Lastly, I added drops coming down from the top of the board. This activity was really frustrating but also very fun to do. I give graffiti artists a big applause because creating this form of art is much more difficult than what it seems. 


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