Wk. 9 Artist Conversation- Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Recuerdos

Media: sculpture pieces, dolls, found objects

Gallery: CSULB, Max l. Gatov gallery West

Instagram: @contemporaryfart

Website: http://www.dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the artist: 

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a Senior student at Cal State Long Beach who is majoring in a Bachelors of Fine Arts for Sculpture. Originally Ibarra is from Chino here in California and went to community college there. After she transferred from community college at the age of 24 she decided that Long Beach State was the best fit for her pursue in art. Once she graduates she plans to go to grad school, continue practicing her work, and would like to do community base work. On her free time she enjoys playing with her rabbits, read, and play karaoke. Recuerdos is her senior solo exhibition in which she shares her aunts memories.

Formal Analysis: 

“Recuerdos” is a very meaningful gallery for Ibarra because it’s all about her aunt that passed away. Recuerdos stands for memories in Spanish. The small gifts that are distributed at family parties held value to her aunt and therefore Ibarra wanted to dedicate this meaningful gallery to her. She admired her aunt dearly and was distort when she passed away. This gallery was designed in a way where the audience could do a full 360 inside and out of the small room created. Ibarra went onto state in her pamphlet where she explains the meaning of the gallery that, “when I think about time in objects, I don’t view it as a memory. The idea of memories is a journey of flashbacks; a look into the personal past.” Which I thought was captivating and moving for this beautiful gallery.

Content Analysis: 

When one first walks in there is a large piano on display that people are allowed to play. On top of the piano are small Recuerdos and Dolls, one of the objects that stood out to me was a cassette of Ingles Sin Barreras. Which as a child seeing my aunt and mom play this cassette to learn English and assimilate to American Culture made reminisce on my childhood memories. Going around the gallery there was a rack of clothing, and through that rack one could look inside to see the sewing machine in the center of the room. There were many dolls all different from one another and also some stuffed animals. The sewing machine table also had more nicknacks and  small Recuerdos that I couldn’t help but relate to each piece.

Synthesis/ My experience: 

This gallery really made me appreciate the small little gifts that are given at family parties. My mom and grandma are two people who enjoy taking the Recuerdos home. I always thought it was pointless and a waste of a memory that people take home. However, after this gallery I enjoy looking at the Recuerdos that my mom has brought home it takes my back to the day of that occasion. Dulce was very sweet and inviting she permitted her viewers to touch the piano and the other small details throughout the gallery. I really enjoyed this gallery it had so much meaning behind it along with a cultural essence.


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