Wk. 8: Finger Painting 

For this weeks art experience we were assigned finger painting and wow this was so relaxing. After a long week of stressful exams painting with some reggae jams really calmed me down. For this assignment I actually had the help of 3 other people. It was initially just me and my youngest sister Michelle that were painting but then my sisters friend came and also wanted to paint so she joined. After my other youngest sister Giselle decided to join the bandwagon.

At first painting was frustrating because I could not find any paints but once I did I realized that all I had were shades of blue so I stuck to the theme of water and attempted to finger paint some waves. It was easy finding the rhythm of what I wanted to do because I wanted the waves to have a trickling down effect. My youngest sister decided she wanted to do a heart and some how it turned into a little bear. My other sister Giselle had no idea what she wanted to do but once she did she went with the theme of different colored spotted dots. As for my sisters friend she was kind of shy and just wanted to focus on layering the colors. Once we all got the hang of what we were doing it became such a fun experience. This is probably one of my favorite assignments because not only was I able to have fun painting but so where my sisters and her little friend.


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