Wk.8: Classmate Conversation- Marylin Rodriguez 

For this weeks classmate conversation I met Marylin Rodriguez. She’s double majoring in Business Management and Business Supply Chain Management here at the beach. Before having changed her major she was a Criminal justice major but, she pictured her future in law enforcement and realized that if she wanted to have a family law enforcement would not permit this because of the dedicated hours that go into this career and the dangers that come along with it.  She’s a 4 1/2 year student and will be graduating the fall of 2017 but will be walking the stage this spring. One thing that we shared in common was our emjoyment for theme parks. She works at Disneyland and before she began working there she was working at Knotts Berry Farm which sounds like so much fun. Before Tower of Terro was closed she was one of the employees that worked that specific ride, which might I add although I’ve never been to Disney  it was very sudden that they decided to shut down such a cool ride. Overall, it was really nice getting to know Marylin and although we didn’t get to take a photo together we did exchanged phone numbers and sent each other photos to post. I wish her the best after she graduates and hope to maybe one day see her at an amusement park.

Check out Marylin’s blog:



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