Wk. 7: Classmate Conversation- Alexandria Sandoval 

This week I met Alexandria Sandoval. She’s a 2nd year student majoring in Kinesiology specifically, Exercise Science. Alexandria is from Rancho Cucamonga and is Dorming here at the Beach. In high school she played soccer and cross country. One day when she tore her acl she seeked medical help which is what made her choose Kinesiology as her major. Also when she was in high school she took many AP classes which helped her gain units which has given her the opportunity to double major in Nutrition.

When Alexandria isn’t doing Chemistry homework or studying for a big exam she’s working at a Bowling Alley. Which might I say sounds like a pretty awesome job. Alexandria also enjoys to play the guitar, play soccer, and draw on her free time. We met through a classmate who I did a past classmate conversation with, Cindy Do. So we decided to switch off so I did Alexandria and Cindy did a conversation with Kaylee. Meeting Alexandria was really cool I got to learn what Airdrop is on iPhone and she showed me the fastest route to get to our Art class.

Don’t forget to check out Alexandria’s blog:


Top: (L) Alexandria Sandoval (R) Cindy Do Bottom: (L) Me, Jennifer Vega (R) Kaylee Penaloza

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