Wk. 7: Artist Conversation- Elena Roznovan 

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

: video, projector, frames

Gallery: : CSULB, Max l. Gatov gallery east

Website: —-

: @eroznovan


Elena Roznovan is a second year graduate student here at Cal State Long Beach. Roznovan is pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture. She began her degree in the Fall of 2015 and has only 1 year left until she graduates with her MFA. After Roznovan graduates with her MFA she plans to travel, find work, and experiment with her techniques to further display her artwork. On her free time she does enjoy creating art but she also writes. This is not Roznovan first gallery her at Cal State Long Beach, this one is only 1 of many. Before moving to Long Beach Roznovan lived in the Art District of Los Angles. Also she has traveled to New York and she is originally from a small country next to Romania.


Stop and Stare is a video instillation piece that explores the idea of a durational desert video. Roznovan uses frames to capture the different forms of light. The video is 12 minutes long that is focused on a deserts sunrise. The idea of capturing the sunrise and using the polarized transpanacies help bring a 2D image into life with a 3 dimensional aspect.  There is illumination coming from the filters glare. Roznovan went onto say that the reason why this gallery is so eye catching is because it explores the concept of a fast pace life. In L.A. everyone is always on the move and having taken the video clip of the desert shows a different point of view where everything is calm and less hectic. Roznovan enjoys filming in the desert because of its calmness and it’s  environmental and climate difference.


The artist when creating this piece did try to focus on their own everyday life. Sometimes there is not enough time to just Stop and Stare and enjoy nature. I feel like Roznovan really wanted to emphasize the importance of taking a step back and reflecting upon life. Roznovan also wanted to use the polarized frames as a way to create a filter for her gallery. There was a bench in the galley which allowed the audience to take that step back and take in the beauty of the deserts sunrise. The frames along with the timed video challenge the audience to question where there location and why they are there.


When I initially walked in I was unsure if the gallery was closed because of the closed curtain. First I took a peaked just to make sure that it was okay to walk in. Once I went inside I was taken into such a peaceful place. The color coordination of the polarized transparencies complimaneted the beautiful landscape of the desert. There was a bench to sit down and while I was just observing the gallery I felt so calm and relaxed. Once person that was there told me that the purpose of the polarized transparencies were there to show color differences as the desert sky changes. It was interesting to sit and wait for the color switch in the projection. However, once it did change it was quite beautiful. Overall, this gallery was very peaceful and calming which is exactly what I needed after a stressful week. I loved how nature was incorporated into this gallery, it truly made me appreciate the beauty of the desert.

Don’t forget to check out the artist on Instagram: @eroznovan


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