Wk. 6: Zine Flip Book 

Originally, my idea for the zine book was to recreate the Mexican Loteria cards. However, time got the best of me and I could not complete my envision. Though I did draw the hand and the rose but it wasn’t enough to be a zine book. Therefore I took a separate route and decided to recreate my day at the beach. I wanted to draw the back of my Jeep indicating that I was on the road but, it just wasn’t turing out the way I wanted it to so I scrapped it. Next I put in a sunny sky, then some palmtrees because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the beach. Following I put some flip flops then comes the beach towel with the umbrella to block those UV rays. Lastly, I incorporated the waves and a sunset. That to me is my ideal day at the beach with all of the essentials.

Creating the Zine book was actually much more difficult and time consuming then I thought it would be. After I had visited the galleries on Wednesday I thought I had a set idea on how I wanted to create my book. However once it came down to actually creating it I was actually unsure of how I should be creating  it. I tried printing and that didn’t work out my printed was low on ink. Then I tried to do my Mexican loteria idea and realized that it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to and it was also taking up a lot of time to finish. Lastly I resorted to the flashcards and went  with the Beach idea. I had lots of fun picking out the colors and making small doodles of what a typical day at the beach is for me.

My first idea it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped


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