Wk. 5: Automatic Drawing

For this weeks art experience we were assigned to do the automatic drawing. The automatic drawing assignment was actually very fun to do. I did this assignment with my younger sister, Giselle. At first she was confused and didn’t know  what direction to take with the pencil. Though we had discussed what we wanted on the paper yet, once it came down to actually drawing she didn’t know what to do. We were laughing for a while because we felt like little kids drawing messily. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a spinning tornado so we began with that at first. After she told me that she wanted to do a flower so we decided to get into each others rhythm and draw the flower. Once we looked at the finished product we were actually very surprised that the flower did turn out looking decent. From her view she said she saw a fish but I couldn’t see it. As for me I was very happy with the result since we had our eyes closed the whole time I didn’t know what to expect but it came out looking decently okay. Overall, I enjoyed the processes of trusting someone else with control of the direction of the drawing and the concept of having our eyes closed while doing the automatic drawing.


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