Wk. 5: Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

: “Within Us”

: Studio Art: wood, drywall, acrylic, latex, plaster, electronics, fog machine

: CSULB, Max L.Gatov Gallery East

Website: no website

: @yeriyeti


Yeri Hwang is a 4th year student at Cal State Long Beach. Hwang is pursuing a Bachlors of Fine arts degree in Studio Art. Before having declared herself as a Studio Art major she had explored the option of Animation. After Hwang took a couple of courses for the Animation degree she decided that she did not want to limit herself to only one form of art making. Hwang took the chance and made the switch to Studio Art and has not regretted this choice. Studio Art has allowed Hwang to expand her use of materials and learn new techniques. Hwang has revolved herself with art her whole childhood. This is Hwangs solo show displaying multiple interactive pieces with the audience. Once Hwang graduates she is unsure of what she wants to do but plans to continue to make art and hopefully attend gradschool to peruse her masters in Studio Art.


When one first enters the gallery one can take into notice that there is a direction that the artist wants the viewer to take. Each art piece is sectioned to its designated corner. What I noticed immediately was that Hwang’s art had lots of electronics installed into it. Also the art is very hands on with with the viewers. There was a flashcard indicating what the art pieces signified and how to make the art work. There were buttons that could be pressed to active the art or flash card to write on to leave a message for the artist. My favorite piece is titled, “Destiny”. Hwang created the baby with the use of latex and the hand sculpture was made out of plaster. The purpose of this piece was to show the significance of a persons name. We are all born into this world with chosen name and the purpose of this piece is to help people connect and describe what the significance of ones name is.


Hwang when interviewing her expressed that her art is nothing that cannot be done by others. She believes that everyone is capable of making art. Hwang went onto say, “everyone is an artist, everyone is writing a story.” The most valuable thing for her is to help others share their stories through the form of art making. Also her process of art making begins with writing the ideas that spur out in the moment. She explained that story telling is intergraded within her work. “Acceptance and Forgiveness” is Hwangs favorite in her gallery. The reason why the alter is her favorite is because, it relates to her culturally and also because many who have entered her gallery have partictipted the most in this piece. As I questioned  her about her work she believes that there is always room for improvement and new techniques that can be discovered. Overall, Hwang knows that Studio art allows her to express herself and narrative in multiple ways since Studio art is not limited to only one form of art making. Hwang hopes that her interactive pieces push others to make their stories into art.


Hwangs exhibition was very exciting. I felt like a kid playing with the art pieces. I enjoyed that her gallery was inclusive with the audience and artist. Hwang was very kind and soft spoken. Her interpretation of art makes me want to create forms of art that resonate with my life. Each piece was very imaginative and innovated with the use of the electronics. I look forward to see what new innovated pieces she creates and how her use of interactive pieces with the audience takes her in the future.

Don’t forget to check out the artists work on Instagram: @yeriyeti


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