Wk 4: Art Care Package 

Creating this art care package was more personal then sending a message on snapchat. Although social media is very accessible and allows one to send instant messages I believe that sending a ACP is much more thoughtful and creative. Each detail that I put into this ACP will be of  much significance for the receiver of the package, in that it holds many pieces that describe me and my culture. This package can be ephemera with the things like the candies or body mist that with time will be used and become empty. However it can also be a beautiful thing that over time will hold value. For example the notebook that will be used to jot down ideas, daily lists, drawings and so on. Also the coaster that will gain coffee stains on it.

This package was designed for my cousin  Alejandra who lives in Austin, Texas. I created this with treasures that mean much to me. Whenever I speak to her over the phone I always just send her photos through snapchat or iMessage of the things that find that resonate with our culture. Culture means a lot to me and my family it is something that I firmly believe should be shared and celebrated. This is why I included the coin purse, loteria pencil pouch, De La Rosa candy, and the Conchita key chain. The one that resonates with me the most is the loteria pencil pouch growing up everyone in my family played this game and it was always satisfying to yell out, BUENAS! The De La Rosa candies are my favorite because they fall apart so fast if one doesn’t handle them well. It is just a great laugh when they crumble apart.

This work I shared with only a select few before sending it and the ACP holds its value. The reason being is because only a few pair of eyes got to see it and only they could each relate to the gifts since they know me very well. On the other hand art that is seen by many like in a museum is not personalized to each person viewing the gallery. That is why it doesn’t hold as much value to the viewer. Versus recieving a gift that is designed for ones likings it will hold much more value to the person. These personalized gifts hold a story or symbol that a much larger crowd would not be able to comprehend. That’s why only a  smaller audience could only relate to my cultural symbols that are presented in the box.

Time and effort means everything. For some the faster the better but for others time means nothing. For me the accessibility of snapchat and being able to view something from a friend in Chicago is exciting but it doesn’t hold as much value as receiving something in the mail that will probably take days. Personally I believe slower is better because it allows someone to put in the time to create a package that is designed for you. There’s an adranile feeling of getting home and waiting for your package to arrive. However, faster is better in that people can stay connected at all times and the connection never dies out. Versus a connection that is slow it will take days and making the effort into replying to the package won’t be as exciting. The ACP does contain love in that it is made with the thought that counts. Also there is hard work and dedication in each piece choosen. My ACP signifies my life and how others can relate to it as well. My cousin knows my love for anatomy and that’s why I included 2 diagrams that I drew for my anatomy class. The first drawing is of the layers of the skin and the second is the vertebrae’s layers. My cousin also shares the same connection for science as I do that’s why I included these drawings.  There’s a coaster coaster of Ghost Rider that’s located in Knotts Berry Farm.  On my spare time I enjoy going to theme parks and Knotts happens to be my favorite place. My cousin has never been here so I decided to give her a little souvenir of my favorite place in the world. Lastly, there is a little stuffed toy from the Disney movie “Snow White” it is one of the 7  Dwarfs specifically, Grumpy. I chose this character out of the rest because everyone in my family makes me out to be this very serious character. In hopes of making her laugh I threw the dwarf in the box to see what her reaction is when we FaceTime. This ACP box made me realize that going the extra mile to make someone a special gift is much more meaningful than sending a message on snapchat. It’s the thought that counts which ultimately time should not hold anyone back from doing a kind gesture. 


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