Wk 3: Classmate Conversation- Shannon Satterfield 

Week 3 of Art 110 I met Shannon Satterfield. I met her at the galleries and asked her if she’d like to do the classmate conversation with me. Gladly she said yes and we began conversating. Shannon is a forth year student at Cal State Long Beach. Honestly, I could not believe she was a forth year student she looks so young! Her journey her at CSULB is coming to an end however, she only has one more semester left until she graduates. Shannon is majoring in Biology and plans to go into the dental industry after she has completed her undergraduate here at the beach. However, she plans to take a break before she begins dental school and start this new journey. Shannon is also the youngest in her family. She has an older brother and sister.

One thing that I really liked about Shannon was her love for animals. She explained to me how much she wanted a pet bird and how her dog had passed away. For Christmas her wish came true her mom got her an early Christmas present and it was a Green cheek conure. Shannon was super stoaked and was also very ready to be a mother to her new bird. After we just talked about our pets and how I had a bird but never knew the breed.  After doing research on the bird she has I found out the breed of mine. Thank you Shannon! Overall, I really enjoyed talking to Shannon it was nice getting to know someone who shares my love for animals.

Check out Shannon Satterfield’s blog: https://shannonsatterfield.wordpress.com/


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