Wk 3: Artist Conversation-Kelvin Lopez 

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Media: Printmaking/ Painting

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Facebook.com/klart760

Instagram: @klart760


SCRY BABY is Kelvin Lopez’s first solo gallery show which took place in the Dr. Maxine Merlino gallery at CSULB. Lopez is an undergraduate and is pursuing a degree of bachelors of fine arts in Printmaking. This is his 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach but he is a 4th year student. Lopez is originally from Oceanside, California. While in Oceanside he attended MiraCosta community College then transferred to the Beach in the fall of 2015. I asked Lopez how he found his calling in art and he said, “In high school I took an art class and was seated in a table with the students who knew how to draw. I wanted to push myself to become a better artist then they were.” In his art there’s a consistent representation of a dog, specifically a Siberian Husky. Lopez explained to me that the Husky is his dog, Loup and that soon his new dog a white Husky/ German Shepard mix named Litho will be making an appearance in his art work. In the future, Lopez plans to expand his media of art work into 3D sculptures, to better help explain his ideologies with his crystals.


In Lopez’s gallery the first thing that your eyes will be drawn to are the crystals displayed in the center of the gallery. As one begins to look around one will notice a scheme of water colors in the art. What I took in notice was that each art work had a crystal inside of them. As I read the paper displayed on the wall it explained the concept of “scrying” according to Lopez, “scrying utilizes divination in order to detect or discover significant hidden knowledge or visions of future via gazing through crystals.” Thus, helping explain the use of crysatals in his work and spiritual meaning. Since Lopez is a major in Printmaking there is also photographs seen throughout the work. In the lithograph titled, “New Places, New Energy” there are three crystals the first one represents Lopez’s home city Oceanside. The center crystals encapsules himself and his dog, Loup transition to a new place where they hope to call home. The last crystal symbolizes their new home, Long Beach where they hope to adapt to the change of setting, energy, and environment. Each stage shows how each of their energy is staying and moving along with them. Overall, what made this piece of work stand out from the rest was the color selection. It was the only piece of work that was displayed with the use of black and white colors only. Also the artist uses printing, painting, and coloring as medias in his work. As I took a look at the detail in the work I noticed that Lopez would outline his crystal with yellow around the corners. I asked Lopez what the significance of the yellow was and he went on to explain that ,the yellow is the energry being pushed out from the crystals in his work. Lastly, Lopez’s work includes lot of colors, layering, and tiny amazing details. There is texture within the work with the use of the watercolors and color pencils. Overall, I look forward to seeing future galleries of Lopez’s work.


For Lopez this exhibition was very special since it was his first solo gallery. The name for his gallery could have not been more fitting for his work. The artist has a strong connection with crystals and the spirituality meaning behind them. This is why this gallery was very welcoming. Lopez’s energy was flowing inside and out the gallery with the amazing work that he had on display. After hearing his ambition to better himself as an artist it made me appreciate his art much more. It show that practice and patients are the two main ingredients to self-growth. Also the art resonates greatly with Lopez’s life experiences like the work titled, “1992-2016.” Showing the contrast of the artists growth. As stated, in the future Lopez does plan on expanding his work with the use of ceramics to better help explain the crystals and their spiritual meaning.


Overall, this gallery viewing really helped me better understand the use of crystals and their meaning. Also the artists amibtion to better himself made me want to better myself in my own struggling areas. I definitely do believe that going back to see if the artist was there the following day after class on Wednesday was the best choice. I got to learn about the artist and the artwork that truly grabbed me as soon as I walked in through the door. I enjoyed talking to the artist although I was a bit nervous and shy. He was very welcoming and greeted everyone with a smile who went to view his gallery.  Lopez is very humble and kind. Hearing his transitions and true defying meaning of his work makes me want to find something that I can relate to and find a passion for. Thank you, Kelvin Lopez for an amazing gallery. I hope to see you grow and expand your work in the future.
Check out Kelvin Lopez:

Instagram: @klart760

Facebook: Facebook.com/klart760

“New Places, New People” Lithograph 2016

“Flower Fields Carlsbad, CA” Mono-Serigraph, Epson Print 2016

“Scry Baby” Lithograph, Mono-Serigraph 2016

“Big Bad Wolf” Mono-Serigraph, Epson Print 2016

“Wolf Pack” Mono-Serigraph, Epson Print 2016

“1992-2016” Mono-Serigraph, Epson Print 2016

“Scry Master” Screen Print, Drawing 2017


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