Wk 2: Landscapes with a Corpse – Saftey First

Bike riding is one of my favorite things to do for recreation and leisure time. Safety is something that my family is very precaution about. However, since Long Beach is a very bike friendly area with “share the roads” and designated bike lanes I tend not to worry. Whenever I’m about to exit with my bike my mom always asks me if I have my front and rear lights and to be safe then I recieve a blessing before I exit the door. Before this happens however my mom always tells me, Jennifer please be careful you might get runned over. This is why I got inspired to create my death sence based off the dangers that come along with bike riding. Overall this experince was a little messy because there was a bit of rain but I had fun picturing my death and creating it based off Izima Kaoru’s work.

Today was like no other it was late and there was a bit of rain. The roads were wet and my lights had went out half way before I would have arrived home. I was pedling as fast as I could, changing my gears to gain speed and at the same time I knew that I was not being cautious of my surroundings. None of that mattered to me I just knew that I wanted to get home.  I realized  that leaving the house while it was dark out was a bad idea. I took a route that I usually never do but I knew it would allow me to get home sooner. I kept pedling and listening to my reggae music. These streets scare me only because they are very dark the lights are usually out or blinking like they are about to go out. What was strange to me was that there were no cars so instead of being on the sidewalk I went down and got on the road because it was now a bike lane. The lights failed to illuminate the pathway and soon I realized that this would be, my biggest mistake ever! I was getting near a stop sign so I slowed down and then kept going. It had been one mile of constant peddling and I was becoming tired. Soon I saw a faint dim light approaching and a sound of a car. When suddenly I felt a force on my rear tire and my body so I held onto the bike as much as I could but as I landed on the floor I could no longer hold on. Motionless I layed on the pavement, my body was in shock but aware. A truck had hit me only 7 blocks away from my destination. The last thing I remember was laying on the pavement thinking of the decisions that I could have made differently but it was to late. In that moment I realized I was gone.

check out Izima Kaoru’s work: http://www.vonlintel.com/Izima-Kaoru.html



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