Wk 2: Classmate Conversation-Cindy Do

On February 1, 2017 during the last couple of minutes of class I met Cindy Do. This is Cindy’s second year at Long Beach State. Cindy commutes to school from Westminster. Her major is Biology and she is aspiring a career in the Dental industry. Look at her smile it’s perfect! The first thing I noticed was her makeup it was so fresh and natural. I came to learn that she works at Ulta Beauty in Costa Mesa a beauty store that I’ve been to before and yes she does recieve the employee discount on products. Since she enjoys makeup I asked her what her favorite things are to focus on and she said definitely eyebrows and lashes. Cindy’s favorite eyebrow brand is Anastasia Beverly Hills and for eyelashes she likes the wispy kind of lashes. Also she enjoys watching beauty videos on YouTube her top picks are Nikkietoutorials and Carli Byble. Nikkietoutials actually came into the Ulta store that Cindy works at but unfortunately it was her day off and she didn’t get to meet her. It was great getting to know Cindy Do on the second week of class. Check out her page: https://cindydoblog.wordpress.com


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