Wk 1: 3D: Plaster Casting 

Presenting plaster casting disaster! I began my plaster casting project on Sunday January 29 at Seal Beach along with  many others from the Art 110 class. First, I started to dig my hole and gather the materials I didn’t realize how fast time was passing by and how messy this project was actually going to be. After I had created my mold I had the help of fellow classmate help me with the plaster mixing. I then carefully poured in the plaster into my hand mold that I had created. After waiting for 20 minutes in the warm sun and helping out others with their plaster molds I was almost ready to take my mold out. When suddenly a little girl runs towards my plaster hole and steps all over it. I was in shock and couldn’t believe that my mold was ruined. However, I didn’t lose hope so I began to dig out the mold and felt like a archaeologist. Once it was all out my hand mold looked like a foot instead. I tried to do a second plaster mold but the plaster was very runny and never really dried down. Overall my molds were a great laugh and I had lots of fun doing this project with my classmates that I met today. I’m looking forward for the many more projects in Art 110. 


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